Client FAQ 

Here are some of the most common questions we’re asked. If there’s a question we haven’t answered here, get in touch.

How do I know staff assigned will be capable and able to work well with my team?

Event Temps are event professionals who have a passion for the events industry. All of our staff go through a rigorous interview and induction process.

Do you provide catering staff such as chefs, bartenders, or waiting staff?

No, our Event Temps are events support focused roles. Please see Our Services.

What’s the minimum number of hours we can book Event Temps staff?

4 hours, unless otherwise agreed.

What does the hourly rate include? Are there any hidden costs?

The hourly rate includes all staff costs and expenses and payroll charges. There are no hidden or additional costs.

Are staff entitled to breaks? Do we have to provide refreshments?

We ensure Event Temps break for 30 minutes if required to work continuously for more than 6 hours. We always ensure a minimum of 12 hours downtime between consecutive shifts. It is a legal requirement to make sure event staff have access to water and most clients are generous enough to provide food for our staff on shifts of over 4 hours.

What are your payment terms? Do we pay Event Temps or staff directly?

A deposit of 50% staffing costs will be estimated and invoiced at time of contract and payable within 14 days of the invoice. We will email a final invoice the week following your event based on actual hours worked on completion and submission of a timesheet. Event Temps manage the payment of all wages to staff.

How do we provide feedback after an event?

We welcome your feedback. A member of Event Temps will be in touch shortly after the event to ask for feedback on our team which helps us to improve the service we provide.