Staff FAQ 

Here are some of the most common questions we’re asked. If there’s a question we haven’t answered here, get in touch.

What is the work? Which type of events?

Event Temps recruit event enthusiasts who are passionate about supporting a variety of events in a customer-service focused role. For detailed roles and types of assignments, please see Our Services

Where are events? How will I travel to the event location?

Our events are located in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas. We occasionally venture further afield. Due to locality we ordinarily ask Event Temps to make their own way to the location using personal or public transport. Occasionally, we may provide the option for transportation and will brief you fully in advance.

Who can become an Event Temp? How about a student visas?

Anyone who possesses relevant skills, experience, and enthusiasm for the events industry can apply. We particularly appeal to students and parents looking for flexible work, and retirees. Foreign students can work for Event Temps providing their visa states work is permitted.

How much previous work experience do I need?

We understand Event Temps may be a first-job for some student recruits. We hire candidates that possess a great attitude to customer service and who genuinely love our local community and have a passion for the events industry. A friendly, helpful, personable manner is what matters most at Event Temps. Experience and skills in a customer focused role are an additional benefit.

What will my employment status be?

You will be classed as an ‘Agency Worker’, for more information on what this entails, see the Government’s guidance on employment status.

Once registered when can I expect to start work?

Event Temps will review your online registration information and contact your references. You will then be placed in a pool of available candidates and will be contacted within 7 days after your application has been submitted.

Can I see a list of upcoming events?

We aim to list all our upcoming assignments on our website staff portal. However, owing to the sometimes quick turnaround, this may not be possible for all events.

What are the minimum hours per shift?

The minimum shift is four hours. All shift details including date, time, location, role and shift length will be made available at the time the shifts are advertised.

What breaks will I be entitled to? What refreshments will be provided?

We ensure Event Temps take a break of 30 minutes when required to work continuously for more than 6 hours. You will be provided access to water. Most clients are generous enough to provide food for staff on shifts over 4 hours. If this option is not available we will provide you with a meal and healthy snack. We always ensure a minimum of 12 hours downtime between successive shifts.

How much will I get paid?

You will be paid the hourly rate as confirmed in your contract. The hourly rate will vary depending on your level of skills and experience and which role you are recruited for. We are committed to paying the Real Living Wage and believe all adults deserve to be treated equally, regardless of age. We pay the Real Living Wage to all as a minimum; £9.00 per hour, in addition to this you’ll receive 12.09% rolled-up holiday pay.

Do I get paid extra for bank holidays?

There is no additional pay or holiday pay allowance for working on a bank holiday.

How do I register as an Event Temp?

Please see Staff Registration Process.