About working as an Event Temp

At Events Temps we are passionate about looking after our staff, ensuring they are happy in their roles and paid well for their work. Working with us is hard graft, with long hours on our feet in the outdoors, BUT great fun, really rewarding and often with fancy dress involved.

We value the individuality each and every person brings to our team and believe that we are all equally important. We will treat you with respect, we are ethical and environmentally sustainable, and our company ethos shines through in everything we do.

Our staff love working with us. Here’s what they say:

"What an awesome weekend working the 20th annual Christchurch Food Festival“ - James

“Fun assignments and friendly team spirit.” - Mandy

Staff Registration Process

Do you want to work at awesome community events in Dorset? It’s simple to become an Event Temp!

  • We want people who love Dorset and events

  • We want people who like people

  • We want people who are fun and come with a smile

  • We want people who value respect and honesty

  • We want people who care about looking after our world

  • We want people who are happy working in the great British weather

Apply for your chance to join our Event Temps family!

If you would like any further information about working with us, please get in touch or see our FAQ.